Bonbini to Saba

The island of Saba rises majestically from her clear azure waters, stretching her summit to caress the clouds... She is like no other Caribbean destination. Untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world, an island caught within a moment.... and the moment within which she's captured you ask? The old Caribbean; safe, friendly and charming with exquisite natural beauty both above and below her waterline.

Saba is known as the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean”. You’ll find no franchises here. Small eclectic bars and restaurants will infuse your nightlife after you've hiked a mountain rainforest trail, dove a world-acclaimed dive site or just lazed by a pool with a good book.



Saba's birth was traumatic. Circa 500,000 BC the island was formed as the top of a volcano that became active during the middle of the late Pleistocene era. Now a dormant volcano, she has not erupted for about 5,000yrs.

Hunter gatherers called Ciboney are considered to be the earliest settlers on Saba. They lived near Fort Bay where recent radiocarbon samples showed that the site is over 3,000yrs old. Circa 800 AD Arawak Indians migrated into the Caribbean basin from South America and built villages on Saba. In 1632 the island welcomed her first European visitors, a group of hipwrecked Englishmen, they reported later that the island was inhabited. In 1640, the Dutch West Indian Company, which had already settled on the neighboring island of St. Eustatius brought people over to Saba in order to colonize the island. For almost 200 years the island switched hands between The Dutch, Spanish, French and English. Eventually the Dutch won out in 1816. For almost two centuries this still remains the case. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size5 sq mi (13 km2
Population: ±1,991
Languages: Dutch is our official language. English is widely spoken.
Currency: US Dollar (USD) 

Need to know
Activities & Events

There are fun events and activities on Saba all throughout the year. The bigest is the Saba carnival and summer festival in july. 

Click here for event and activities calender.

Travel Information

All travel to Saba connects in St. Maarten.

Several major airlines from North America, Europe and South America carry daily flights into St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). Special charter flights are also available from major cities during the winter season. There are currently two airlines and two ferry services that operate schedules to Saba's shores from her international hub.


From fine dining in world class restaurants to local taste treats in our friendly snack bars. We offer something for everyone. You’ll find no franchises here. Small eclectic bars and restaurants will infuse your nightlife.