Bonbini to Curacao

What makes this Dutch Caribbean Island different from many other Caribbean destinations is that you can visit us all year round. Curacao is conveniently located outside the hurricane bet, in the southwestern Caribbean, only 35 miles North of South America, making it an ideal destination whenever you feel like taking a break. The possibilities on Curacao are endless. The island offers a wide variety of things to do and places to visit, especially when you can enjoy a year-round temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.

To our knowledge there is no other place in the Caribbean where you can find such a diverse selection of cultural sites, beaches and coves, arid landscapes, astounding world under water, combined with fine dining, excellent shopping, a pulsating nightlife and a savvy local population that speaks four languages, Dutch, English, Spanish & our Local language Papiamento. 



There is no island in the world where the Dutch influence is more visible than on our beautiful island of Curacao. Discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda, a Spaniard under Colombus.Ttaken over by the West Indian Company, a Dutch trade company with its headquarters in Rotterdam. The most important slave trade Camp after they head from West Africa to Curacao.

Curacao, together with Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius and the Dutch Sint Maarten form the Dutch Caribbean Islands. Curacao famous for its moving pontoon bridge, which is the only one in operation today, its quaint European-style architecture makes you fall in love with this island when visited. The island of Curacao is the biggest island of the former Netherlands Antilles: 444 square kilometers, 171 square miles, 38 miles long, 9 miles wide, 2 miles narrow. The population approximately 150.000 and since 24 September 2005 we have registered 109 nationalities.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size: 38 miles (61 kilometers) long and 3-5 miles (5-14 kilometers) across
Population: ±150,000
Languages: Dutch is our official language. Papiamento is our native also our official language, English, Spanish are widely spoken.
Currency: Antillean guilder, but dollars are accepted everywhere. 1 us$ dollar is 1.75 Antillean guilder.

Need to know
Activities & Events

There are fun events and activities on Curacao all throughout the year, starting with the famous Curacao Carnival and Tumba Festival at the start of the calendar year. Our island also hosts sporting events, film festivals, big musical events like the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival and much more.

Click here for event calender.

Cruise Information

With two cruise terminals that are both located in the Otrabanda section of Willemstad, the duty-free shopping areas can easily be reached by foot. The Mega cruise ships can dock at the Mega Pier and the smaller ships can dock at the Mathey Wharf, which is the cruise terminal located in the harbor.

Several major U.S. and European cruise lines stop at Curacao. Our island offers various sport activities for all ages and tastes. With some tips and tours, you can easily make your stay one of the most memorable ones. Planning to spend the night? Renaissance Hotel recently opened just a short stroll from the mega pier.

Try our Local Food

For breakfast we have our famous local 'Pastechi' of cheese, chicken, meat and conch.

For lunch we have fresh fish, goat stew, curry chicken, iguana soup, (fried) funchi, toetoe, Caribbean rice, papaya stew, cabbage stew, cadushi soup (cactus) and a lot more!

Other local specialties are hot chocolate made with peanut, peanut cookies, pumpkin pancakes, rice pancakes, rice and milk with cinnamon, coconut water, fresh lemon juice and tamarind juice; all available at the local food tent at the Curacao Mega Pier. Seek our sign that says LOCAL FOOD!