Goto Lake and RinconTour

A memorable trip of two hours driving North to Goto Lake, Rincon en Seru Largo. Our Trucks will bring you safely to Bonaire's hidden treasures...

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Departure days : On Request
Duration : 2 hours


Tour Impression

With our specially prepared Yellow Mercedes Unimogs we provide on and off road tours to all the special places on Bonaire, many of which are inaccessible to other vehicles. All our drivers are official tour guides and great fun to be around.
Tour Highlights

Our North Tour will drive you through Kralendijk, past our Water Desalination Plant. Following the coast, we will pass the residential houses of our ‘rich and sometimes famous’; at Sabadeco. Continuing North we’ll drive close to the water edge and the ancient walls of the West Coast rock formations. Past ‘Landhuis Karpata’, an old residence were the chalk stone was burned to create Lime to ‘whiten’ the houses in the early days. See the Broadcasting Signals Relais Station with its high receiving and sending towers.

Then on towards the entrance of the lagoon that leads into Goto Lake, were we also see the Oil Terminal for small ships to bring the crude oil from the Gulf of Maracaibo, Venezuela to be transferred to the larger ocean going Oil Tankers bound for Europe and the United States. The one-way road will climb steeply up when we drive inland for a beautiful look-out point for you to enjoy the scenery of Goto Lake and the distant Washington National Park.

On we drive towards Rincon and we might have some flamingos in the shallow flats of Goto Lake and later on we have a good chance to find some Wild Donkeys at the watering well. Going through Rincon, we will turn South again and climb the steep road to have a breathtaking view of South Bonaire, over Kralendijk, Klein Bonaire, and when the air is clear, we can see the Salt Pans and the Lac Bay lagoon. Finally we will drive you down safely again to your starting point and final destination in town.


Desalination Plant
View over West shore of Bonaire
West Coast rock formations
Landhuis Karpata
Natural lagoon and entrance to Goto Lake
Goto Lake
Seru Largo with view of South Bonaire
Wild Donkeys & Goats

Tour Photo Gallery